Lactose free cheese from Tesco! (LF, V, DF)

I am absolutely in love with cheese!  It has always been a staple of my diet, and one of the things I was most heartbroken to lose when I began a lactose free diet.

Things have come a long way since those days.  There are lots of different options on the market for the lactase challenged – some delicious, some not.  Recently, I have noticed an increase in the different cheeses on the market, and decided to try and review a few.

cheese 1

Tesco Lactose Free Mascarpone

Purchased from: Tesco

Lactose/dairy free: Lactose free

Description of product: Soft mascarpone cheese, made with cow’s milk but without the lactose!

cheese 2

Tesco Soya Alternative to Cream Cheese

Purchased from: Tesco

Lactose/dairy free: Dairy free and suitable for vegans

Description of product: A dairy free, soya alternative to cream cheese

My review:


I enjoyed the taste of both the cheeses, but they did have a slight difference in flavour.  You can tell that the mascarpone is made from cows’ milk from the creamier flavour.  It has a very rich flavour to it.  The soya cream cheese does taste just like a regular cheese, and although it isn’t as creamy, the flavour is still just as enjoyable.


The mascarpone has a lovely soft texture to it, easy to use, spread and scoop from the tub.  With it being made from cows’ milk, it just has the same kind of texture as a regular cream cheese would.

Unfortunately, the soya cheese doesn’t have the same kind of texture as regular cheese and is quite hard in the tub.  However, you can spread the cheese onto crackers without much difficulty and it has a nice thick texture once on your favourite cracker!


I have used the mascarpone for cooking, and it worked really well as a pasta sauce.  With the flavour of it, I am sure you can use it for lots of different things.

The soya cheese was used for spreading, which worked really well.  However, with the texture, I am not sure it could be used for cooking.


Both cheeses had a good taste and I would definitely recommend them and buy them again.  However, I think they are probably better for different uses.  In addition, if you are vegan, the soya cheese is a great alternative to a cream cheese containing cows’ milk.


Mascarpone: 5/5

Soya cheese: 4/5




Flora Freedom Spread (LF, DF, V)


I have to admit to being a lover of ‘real butter’, which is, in fact, very low in lactose. Therefore, I can get away with having it sometimes.  However, it is not an option for every day.  I usually purchase Lactofree Spreadable, as it has such a delicious buttery taste, which I just haven’t found in its sunflower spread or soya counterparts.  Unfortunately, I had run out and there wasn’t any of my usual brand in the local shop, which lead me to trying Flora Freedom instead, and I have to say, I am glad I did!

This product has a really good texture to it and is easy to spread onto toast, crackers or bread.  It has quite a creamy taste to it, and is close to a buttery flavour, which is always a winner in my book!  Having tried other spreads in the past, I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy the taste of them on their own, for example, on toast, with no other flavours to mask it.  But this spread tastes just as good on it’s own when paired with your favourite bread or cracker.  The taste isn’t exactly like butter or a buttery spread would be, but it has a nice taste to it.

I can’t, unfortunately, comment on if it is any good for cooking and baking, as this isn’t something I have tried yet. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have tried it out.

Purchased from: Co-Op

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free and packaging states it is suitable for vegans

Description of product: A substitute for dairy-based butters and spreads.

Rating: 4/5






















Tesco Low Fat Apricot Yoghurt – Lactose free (LF)


Before I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and therefore began avoiding dairy, I wasn’t too bothered about buying yoghurts.  I really could take or leave them, unless they were a fancy creation.  However, I realised that as someone who doesn’t eat dairy, I needed to make sure my calcium intake was up to scratch.  I have never enjoyed milk, and as such would never drink a glass of it, or include it in anything where I could still taste it.  For this reason, I began to include yoghurt into my diet to help with my calcium intake.  Most soya ones have calcium added to them, and any that are lactose free yet made with cow’s milk contain as much as they usually would.

This yoghurt was a great find at Tesco.  There seems to be a lack in the variety of flavours that lactose and dairy free yoghurts come in, and I often get bored with the selections available.  I just had to try this apricot one.

The yoghurt was very thick and creamy in texture, and had a decent amount of apricot pieces.  It had a pleasant taste – not too sweet or sour, with a subtle amount of fruitiness. As with other lactose free products, you may find it quite rich to begin with, but it really is worth giving it a go.

Tesco own brand lactose free yoghurts also come in a few different flavours, including raspberry, strawberry and cherry.

Rating: 5/5

Tesco Lactose and Gluten Free Granola Yoghurt (LF, GF)


Upon a recent trip to Tesco, I was pleasantly surprised to see a large increase in dairy and lactose free products.  Some of these included a new range of lactose free products made by Tesco.

Purchased from: Tesco

Dairy/lactose free: Lactose free only – contains cow’s milk, so not suitable for someone with a milk allergy, but fine for the lactase challenged among us.

Description of product: A pot of plain yoghurt, made from cow’s milk with added lactase enzyme.  It comes with a sachet of oat granola (gluten free) and a spoon for eating on the go.

My review:

I was really excited when I saw this product on the shelf.  Sometimes breakfast can be a little boring and I find myself stuck for ideas.  I try to include plenty of dairy substitutes in my diet to make sure I have enough calcium, and often include a yoghurt at breakfast time for this reason.

The granola on top is a red berry flavour, so combines freeze dried berries with oat granola, like you may find in similar breakfast cereals.  Along with the granola is a pot of plain yoghurt, made from cow’s milk with lactase enzyme added, to help us lactase challenged enjoy it without any side effects.

I added the granola to the yoghurt and mixed it together.  Even though there didn’t seem to be a large amount of granola to begin with, when mixed together there was a good yoghurt to granola ratio.  I enjoyed having the different textures of the crunchy granola and smooth yoghurt together.

The yoghurt itself had a lovely creamy texture and taste to it.  I don’t think I have had a dairy or lactose free one before that has tasted as good as this one.  If you are not used to eating lactose free, rather than dairy free, you may find the taste too sickly at first, but once you get used to it, it is most enjoyable.

I was surprised at how filling this product was and I didn’t need anything else to add to my breakfast.  If you wanted to, you could probably add some fresh fruit.

Rating: 5/5


Easter special – Moo Free Bunnycomb Easter Egg. (DF, LF, GF, V)


If you are bored of just eating plain chocolate, whether this be dark or milk substitute, this egg is the one for you.

Purchased from: Holland and Barratt

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free and packaging states suitable for vegans

Description of product: Milk chocolate substitute egg, studded with honeycomb pieces, with a packet of dairy free buttons included.

My review:

There are more and more dairy free products on the market, particularly chocolate ones.  However, most of these are quite plain in nature, and sometimes you may want a variation on this.

Having come late to lactose intolerance, and being a self-confessed chocaholic, I miss different styles of chocolate bar, for example, Crunchie, Mars bars, and Kit-Kat.  This is where Moo Free come in quite nicely.

Moo Free create a range of different flavoured chocolate bars, including honeycomb, orange and mint.  I have enjoyed their chocolate bars on many occasions when I’ve needed a chocolate fix.

This Easter egg is the same as the honeycomb chocolate bar that they sell.  The egg is not huge, but it is good quality.  The addition of the honeycomb pieces that are studded throughout the egg create a crunchy texture and a delicious taste.  As a milk chocolate substitute, it is quite sweet and the honeycomb adds to this.

I like the way that the egg includes a packet of chocolate buttons.  This could make it a really nice gift for a child (or a big kid!) as it provides a similar package to most of it’s dairy counterparts with the sweets and egg combination.  I would definitely not feel left out if I received this egg as a child.

Moo Free eggs also come in orange chocolate (another favourite) and plain, so there is plenty of choice.

If you fancy a different feel to your Easter egg this year, then dig in!

Rating: 5/5

Easter special – Aldi Dark chocolate bunny (DF, LF)

.bunnyMost dairy free goodies come with a large price tag.  However, I was rather excited to find this delicious dark chocolate bunny in Aldi, at a bargain price!

Purchased from: Aldi.

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free.

Description of product: A dark chocolate hollow bunny.

My review:

Fed up of missing out on the Lindt chocolate bunny every year?  Then this one is for you!

I really like the packaging of the product, and the fact it is a little different to an Easter egg.  I think for the bargain price, it is really detailed and I love the little bow around the neck.

The chocolate itself is a less bitter dark chocolate, and as such has quite a sweet flavour to it.  I was also impressed with the thickness of the chocolate.  You may think that as it is so cheap, it would be quite thin, but you do get a really good amount of chocolate.  The bunny holds it shape well, and won’t break easily.  I think this is really important if you intend to give it as a gift.

All in all, a fantastic bargain buy for Easter.  Why not buy five?!

Rating: 5/5


Tesco Free From Chicken Tikka Masala (DF, LF, GF)


I’m not usually one for ready meals.  The stomach issues I have mean that it is difficult to find ones that have appropriate ingredients, and I have got so used to cooking from scratch that I often find the flavour of ready meals too bland.

However, I came across this one in Tesco, and as it was reduced, I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised.

Purchased from: Tesco

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free.  As well as being free from milk, it is also free from egg.

Description of product: A dairy free chicken tikka masala curry, with rice and quinoa.

My review:

This curry was fairly mild, so suitable for those that don’t like it too strong.  Although it is made with coconut milk, you couldn’t really taste the coconut, so don’t be put off by this if it isn’t your favourite.

The curry sauce was very much like a tikka masala, and to me tasted no different to one that would ordinarily contain dairy based cream or yoghurt.

I really liked the fact that rather than just having plain rice with it, there was a mixture of pilau rice, brown rice and quinoa which was mixed with spinach and herbs.  The rice was not spicy, but added another dimension to the flavours already in the curry.

Upon looking at the ready meal, I didn’t think it would be a big enough portion.  However, I actually found it was just the right amount and very filling.

It was also easy to cook, and can be cooked in the microwave, so a good ready meal to take to work if you fancy a hot meal at lunch time.

Although a ready meal is not something I choose to eat often, it is great that companies are beginning to create a selection that can be eaten by those with dietary requirements, and these can be great for a busy lifestyle sometimes.

Rating: 4/5