Lactose free Mars drink (LF)


Today’s Lactose free lovely is this Mars drink.  Here are the stats:

Purchased from: Tesco

Lactose free/dairy free: Lactose free only, contains cows’ milk

Description of product: This is a delicious, lactose free, caramel and chocolate milkshake.

My review:

This is an easy product to review if, like me, you have not always been lactose intolerant.  You may therefore remember what a Mars milkshake tastes like, in which case, all I need to say is that it tastes exactly the same as the ‘normal’ Mars milkshake.

However, if you have always been lactose intolerant, you won’t have had the joy of one of these before!  The best way to describe it would be like a chocolate and caramel flavoured milkshake.  It has a very pleasant creamy taste and texture to it.

Rating: 5/5

My recommendation is definately to give this one a go!


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