Alpro Coconut Milk (DF, V, GF)


Today’s lactose free lovely is this delicious Alpro coconut milk.

Before I review it, I’d like to just give you a bit of background to why I began to use this product.

I believe that bodies are very clever.  Even though I wasn’t diagnosed until my twenties, I never enjoyed the taste of ordinary cows milk, and didn’t particularly find the smell pleasant either.  I have no scientific evidence, but I feel that this was my body’s way of telling me to avoid milk to prevent me from becoming ill.

The one problem with this, and, indeed the main problem now that I am avoiding lactose, is the calcium element.  I am reliably informed by my dietician that an adult requires 700mg of calcium per day. So when this product came on the market, I thought it might be a nice alternative to having a glass of plain milk.

Now, on with the review!

Purchased from: Tesco, but also available in most supermarkets.  This product is the chilled version, found in the refrigerator section.

Lactose/dairy free: This product is free from all dairy.  The packaging states that it is suitable for vegans, too.

Description of product: Made with rice and coconut milk, this milk substitute drink claims to be low in calories.

My review:

As you can see from my reasons for first buying this product, I wanted a milk-like drink but without the taste.  This is exactly what you get!

The milk has a distinctively coconut taste, however, it is not overpowering or sickly.  I find it a delicious and refreshing drink and have a glass each morning with my breakfast.  It also has a nice texture to it, and is quite creamy.

An added bonus to this drink, and, again, a reason for buying it, is that it has good levels of added calcium and vitamin b12 so you can enjoy the benefits of milk without the taste (or dairy!).

This product also comes in a ‘long life’ version.  I have tried this product, but find that it lacks flavour and is not as tasty as its chilled counterpart.  The best before date on the chilled product is adequately long for you not to need a long life version.

Rating: 5/5

However, my advice would be to avoid the long life version of this drink!




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