Sainsbury’s chocolate iced dessert and Barkat ice cream cones. (DF, V, GF)

Today I am pleased to tell you that you get two reviews for the price of one!  You can’t have an ice cream without a tasty cone to put it in, so here are both for you to enjoy.

The ice cream cones are gluten and wheat free, but you may find that some standard ice cream cones contain dairy.  Therefore, I am including them in this review.


Sainsbury’s chocolate iced dessert

Purchased from: Sainsbury’s.  I had to look for this, as it was not with all the other free- from frozen food, but rather with the dairy ice creams.

Lactose/dairy free: Dairy free. Packaging also states it is vegan.

Description of product: A coconut based alternative to dairy free ice cream.

My review:

At first, it seemed a little hard to get out of the tub, but no more than any other ice cream can be.  However, it soon softens up.  As you will see at the bottom of the page, you can easily get it into a cone.

It has a very chocolatey flavour, which can be difficult to achieve with dairy free ice creams, in my opinion.  The ice cream also has a distinct coconut taste, so if you don’t like coconut this is something to consider.  It is important to note that the coconut is not overpowering.  I personally feel that the two flavours go really well together and found it a very delicious combination.

This dessert also has a lovey creamy texture, and definitely one that you would recognise as ice cream, if, like me, you are a late-comer to the dairy-free world.

Rating: 5/5


Barkat Ice cream waffle cones

Purchased from: Sainsbury’s.  These cones are quite elusive for most of the year, and can be very difficult to get hold of.  They have a nice, long best before date on (2018!) so it might be best to stock up whilst they are around.

Lactose/dairy free: Milk/dairy free.

Description of product: Mainly a gluten/wheat free product, these ice cream cones have a waffle texture.

My review:

I cannot start this review without first mentioning the fantastic packaging!  If you are also gluten free, you will know that many free-from products of this type can be quite fragile.  Clearly, so do the makers of these ice cream cones.  They are first sealed in plastic wrapping as you would expect, but they are then separated by pieces of card, and wrapped in bubble wrap!  This wonderful attention to detail ensures they have more chance of staying intact than most.

Onto the cones themselves.  They are quite small, however, they have the texture you would expect from a waffle cone and are nice and crisp.  The taste is also very close to what you would want from this product.  They stay crunchy when ice cream is added, too.

I have tried these cones before, and have to say that I feel the taste has been improved on since then, so I would recommend giving them a go if you are looking for a wheat- or dairy-free option for your ice cream cones.

Rating: 5/5

It wouldn’t be fair to finish this review without a look at the two together.  A winning combination, I would say!






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