Tesco free from strawberry and vanilla cones (DF, V, GF)


Purchased from: Tesco

Lactose/dairy free: Dairy free.  Wheat and gluten free, too.

Description of product: A dairy and gluten free ice cream which is an alternative to Cornetto-style ice creams.  It even has the chocolate bit at the bottom of the cone!

My review:

I discovered these lactose free lovelies last year and I could not be happier with them!  They have pretty much been a permanent feature in my freezer ever since.

They have a sensational strawberry flavour to them, and the taste is absolutely spot on to how dairy strawberry ice cream tastes.  To those that have always been lactose intolerant, this is so close to the real thing that if you try it you will know what luxury the rest of the population has had until now!

The chocolate around the top of the ice cream is more of a milk chocolate substitute than a dark chocolate, which is great for those that prefer milk to dark.  It also lines the full cone, and has a lovely big chunk of chocolate at the bottom (probably more than you get in the real thing in my opinion).

The cone is delicious, so please don’t let the fact it is wheat-free put you off.  It tastes just like a cone that you would usually get.

One feature which is really helpful if you live in a house with dairy-eating folk is the piece of card at the top of the ice cream.


If, like me, you store your cones out of the box (because your freezer is jam-packed full of various dairy-free ice creams) this will ensure you don’t get you lactose free lovelies mixed up with their dairy counterparts.

Rating: 5/5

I cannot recommend these ice creams enough, and I do apologise in advance for any resulting addictions!



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