Sainsbury’s strawberry iced dessert (DF, V, GF)


I have to say the weather is not as glorious as recent days.  However, still always ice cream weather for me!

Today’s lactose free lovely is the sibling to Monday’s product.  Find my review here:     For this reason, the review of this product will be short, as there are of course lots of similarities.

Purchased from: Sainsbury’s

Lactose/dairy free: Dairy free. Packaging also states it is vegan.

Description of product: A coconut based alternative to dairy free ice cream.

My review:

I will mainly talk about the flavour of this ice cream because I have already reviewed a very similar product.

This ice cream substitute has much more of a coconut flavour than it’s chocolate counterpart, so please bear this in mind if it isn’t your thing.  There is a nice strawberry flavour, but it is more of a hint of strawberry than an overall taste.  Personally I would say the main flavour is coconut.  I feel the flavours do taste nice together, but the strawberry could perhaps be a little stronger.

Rating: 3/5



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