Dairy free beside the sea! (DF, V)

This weekend my sister and I visited the seaside (Hunstanton to be precise).  I’m not afraid to admit that, in the past, I have been known to throw the odd tantrum when visiting the seaside, due to the sheer lack of choice in the ice cream department.  When you are with a dairy-eating person and they order a huge ’99’ with all the trimmings, and all you can order is an ice pole.

However, today was different!  I am excited to report that I had a delicious dairy free ice cream!


Along the sea front are several of these pink  ice cream stands and each of them sell sorbet (all dairy free) and this one had ‘vegan vanilla’ ice cream.  The sorbets include flavours such as chocolate (my favourite), summer fruits, raspberry, mango, mojito, G&T and orange.  Each stand has a slightly different selection so it is worth checking them out!

Now, I don’t know whether the sorbet has any other ingredients in that would make it non-vegan, but the ‘vegan vanilla’ is.  Also, I am not sure if the cone is dairy free or not, but I’m sure they would put it into a cup or container for you.  I had the cone and I was fine, so I would assume it is low in dairy.  But this is just my opinion!


Here I am enjoying my vegan vanilla ice cream and chocolate sorbet.  This is a double scoop, so I had one of each.

A very quick review on each.

Chocolate sorbet:

This sorbet is absolutely delicious!  Although it is dairy free and a sorbet rather than an ice cream, it is very creamy and my sister agreed that it could easily pass as a dairy ice cream.  I would thoroughly recommend this.

Vegan vanilla:

This ice cream had a nice flavour to it, and was a good ice cream substitute.  However, I didn’t think the vanilla flavour was too strong and it has less of a creamy taste.  Still can’t complain as it made my day to have an ice cream at the seaside.




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