Keeping it ‘dairy-free’ tea!

In my latest series on all things lactose-free, I shall be sharing the best places to get a good old-fashioned cup of tea – with soya milk, of course.

One of the things I found when becoming lactose intolerant is that you have to plan more than before you were.  You have to think about if a place will have food or drink on offer that you can tolerate, and if they might not, make a contingency plan so that you can enjoy a meal or coffee with friends or family.

So although a series on places that serve soya milk may seem a little basic, I hope it might help some that are new to the world of dairy free to easily find a great place to have a cuppa.  Even if you are not newly lactase -challenged, you never know, you might find something new!

Just to put on record, I am no expert on being vegan, although I have a little knowledge of this.  Therefore, I understand that it involves much more than just being vegetarian and avoiding animal products.  For this reason, although I will mark the posts ‘vegan’, I realise that some establishments may not be appropriate for some vegans due to processes used or particular policies.  This series is just to provide information on the places you can find our beloved soya milk.


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