Coffee at Caffé Nero (V, LF, DF, GF)


Today, I am kicking off my “Keeping it ‘dairy-free’ tea” series with…a coffee!

This lactose free lovely is a delicious milky caramel latte from Caffe Nero.

The coffee is made with soya milk, and, unlike some places there is no extra charge for this option!  The caramel syrup adds a sweet flavour and there are a variety of flavours to choose from.

In my opinion, the coffee tastes just as good as if it was made with dairy milk.  It has quite a creamy taste and the milk makes a fantastic froth to enjoy on the top, especially when you eat it with the spoon!

There are lots of hot drinks you can choose to have using the soya milk, including cuppacino, various flavoured lattes and of course, a good old fashioned cup of tea.

The cake is not completely dairy free, but it is gluten free.  I find that most cakes made with butter are fine for me, as it is low in lactose.  In this case, I just took off the cream cheese frosting.

So, in short, a place for a good cuppa or other hot beverage of your choice.  However, they may need to work on their dairy free cake options.


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