Free-from at M&S (DF, LF, V, GF)


Today I’m keeping it dairy-free tea with my favourite place for a cuppa – Marks and Spencer.

I admit I have had this photograph for a while ready to go for a review and it fits perfectly into my Keeping it ‘dairy-free’ tea series.

The main reason I love to visit Marks and Spencer for tea is that their own brand of soya milk is my favourite.  I find the milk has quite a vanilla taste and adds an extra depth of flavour that other soya milks don’t have.  It makes a good old cuppa a luxurious treat!  Added to all this, they don’t charge extra for soya milk, which is always a bonus.

In addition to the tasty tea, they have a growing selection of free-from cakes to meet different dietary requirements.  I am straying more into gluten-free territory as whilst they are not all dairy-free, they are all suitable for our coeliac friends.  However, a few of them only contain butter, which is low in lactose.  These include the gluten-free scones and the chocolate fudge cake.  They are all sold in their wrappers, so you can easily check the ingredients to decide which are suitable for your needs.

I have personally tried the gluten free scones and chocolate fudge cake and was impressed with both.  The chocolate fudge cake is my favourite and has a delicious creamy and chocolatey taste – you wouldn’t know it was gluten free!

So, as well as the luxurious soya milk (which you can also buy from Marks and Spencer stores to use at home), you can treat yourself to a delicious cake.  And we all know how well cake and tea go together – it’d be rude not to!



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