Bewiched coffee (DF, LF, V)

I must start by saying that I haven’t forgotten that I called my series ‘Keeping it dairy-free tea’.  You may wonder as I have included a range of beverages under this title.  The reason I decided to do this was to demonstrate the range of tasty treats you can get whilst out and about and to showcase the different venues you can visit to get yourself a well-earned tea or coffee wherever you are.

Today I visited Bewiched coffee, which is part of a very small chain of four shops.  You can enjoy this lactose free lovely at Peterborough, Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough.

I chose a caramel macchiato coffee.  This was explained to me as a slightly more frothy cappuccino with caramel syrup, which I would agree is an accurate description.  However, there is a wide range of coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes and syrups available.  Not to mention our other favourite, the humble cuppa.

As you can see, the coffee comes gorgeously presented.  They are very generous with the caramel syrup, too, which is always a bonus!  I find that in some coffee places, you cannot taste the flavour of the syrup as much as you would like – definitely not a problem here.

The soya milk they have used created a wonderful froth on top of the coffee, which I was really impressed with.  I find it can be difficult to use soya milk in coffee when making it at home, so I am always amazed by the delights that coffee shops can whip up.  However, I was not as keen on the flavour of the soya milk on this particular occasion.  Personally, I do not feel it has such as creamy flavour as some others I have come across when out and about.  Perhaps this was more evident because of the extra froth on this particular coffee.

I am continually finding more and more places which do not charge extra for soya milk, which is fantastic news in a world where ‘free-from’ has become synonymous with ‘expensive’.  Bewiched is yet another coffee shop where choosing the soya option will cost you no more than the cows milk version.  In addition, I have to say that the coffee was very reasonably priced in general.








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