Tea at Costa (DF, LF, V, GF)


This week I was in town for a training course.  It just happened to be next to Costa, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to pop in for a dairy-free tea.

I thoroughly enjoyed this take-away tea.  Costa use Twinings Everyday Tea, which I find has a really tasty flavour.  So often, tea is overlooked and there seems to be an assumption that all tea is born the same.  However, I disagree.  I think the choice of tea bag is highly important in regards of flavour.  That is why I am so impressed with the choice of Twinings for their tea.

The soya milk went well with the tea flavour and was nice and creamy, which I always like in a soya milk.

I did not check whether there was an extra charge for soya milk.  Next time I am there, I will update my post with this information.

My only advice would be to specify how much milk you want, or ask to put it in yourself.  I don’t like much milk in my tea and I find that there is a tendency to serve quite milky tea in most coffee shops.

So, a short review, but what else is there to say ?  You can keep it dairy-free tea at Costa!


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