A trip to Alley Café Bar, Nottingham (DF, LF, V, GF)

I have been waiting to do this review for a while now.  The Alley Café in Nottingham is my favourite place to eat out and has been since I discovered it about 10 years ago.  This  weekend I went for a visit.

What is the Alley Café Bar?

The Alley Café is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Nottingham.  They pride themselves on ‘making good food as fast as they can’ rather than ‘fast food’.  Alongside their main menu they have a constantly changing collection of specials.

The Café also serves as a bar with live music in the evenings, as well as being a small gallery for local artists to display and sell their work.  All this, yet the Café is actually quite a small (yet perfectly formed) place.  However, it is always full, such is the popularity of this place.

Staff are friendly and will help you with choosing from their menu if you are not too sure what to order.

Here is a link to their Facebook page:


My review:

I cannot say enough good things about this place.  Probably the best thing is that they know exactly what goes into their food, so you can ask any questions you need to depending on your dietary needs, whatever they might be!  There are options on the menu for vegan, vegetarian and wheat/gluten free.

In the pictures I have included  you can see my favourite drink, which I always have whenever I visit.  This is the rather delicious Ice Cream Shake, which is exactly as the name suggests.  Completely dairy free, this shake uses soya milk and ice cream mixed with whatever flavours you wish.  You can choose up to two flavours from a long list which includes all kinds of things from strawberries and raspberries to caramel, almonds and chocolate.  Pictured is a strawberry and banana shake.

The shake is lovely and thick in texture, which is a treat when it comes to dairy free milkshakes.  In addition, it tastes creamy and has a rather luxurious feel to it.  The flavours have a real depth to them, and they really stand out.  My dairy-eating sister always comes with me for a milkshake, so it goes to show how they are just as tasty as the real thing.

The Alley Café Bar also creates it’s own ice cream in a range of flavours, which you can have as a dessert if you don’t fancy one in an Ice Cream Shake.

I decided to take some cake with me to enjoy at home.  Pictured are the gluten-free chocolate brownie and gluten-free cookie.  However, there is a range of desserts on offer.  ALL are vegan, which means it is the largest selection of dairy free treats I have ever come across in one place!  Some are also gluten free.

Both the cookie and the brownie have a very rich chocolatey taste to them.  They have quite a dense texture to them, but, and importantly for gluten free goodies, they aren’t crumbly at all!

They are very filling, and even more delicious when served warm with ice cream, which they do when you choose to eat one of these tasty treats at The Alley Café Bar, rather than take-away.

I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you live in or near Nottingham, or are planning to take a trip there.

Rating: 5/5






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