Key Lime Coffee Shop (LF, DF)


I have recently taken a trip to Liverpool, so I have lots of lactose free lovelies from Merseyside to share with you.

The first one is from a coffee shop called ‘Key Lime Coffee’ which we discovered when on the hunt for a coffee and cake.

Here you can choose from a large range of hot drinks, including hot chocolate, tea and coffee.  In addition, they have a small range of more specialist coffees which you might not find elsewhere.

As you can see, I chose a beautifully presented honeycomb latte, which I haven’t tried before.  The honeycomb flavour was in the form of a syrup, so I cannot guarantee this is 100% diary free as I did not have chance to check the ingredients.  However, I have included this review to demonstrate that soya milk is available here.

The latte had a lovely frothy topping and was served in a large glass mug.  The coffee went well with the taste of the honeycomb syrup, which sweetened up the coffee without the need for further sugar.  There was just the right balance between sweet and bitter.  In addition, the soya milk, which is a large component of the latte, had a nice creamy flavour.  In my opinion you can’t tell the difference between dairy milk and this soya milk when used in this coffee and I was really impressed.

It was nice to visit a different coffee shop, and I was pleased with the different drinks on offer.  In addition, there was no extra charge for soya milk.  I would definitely recommend Key Lime Coffee shop for a dairy-free cuppa.

Rating: 5/5



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