Spotlight on…The Coconut Collaborative (LF, DF, V, GF)


My new ‘Spotlight on…’ series will focus on one particular company for a few posts and bring you some of the best products in their range.

My first ‘Spotlight on…’ is a company I have recently discovered and been really impressed with.  The Coconut Collaborative have an ever-growing range of tasty treats to brighten up any lactose-free diet.

The first product is their Snowconut Sticks, which I stumbled across during a recent online shop.

Purchased from: Ocado

Lactose/dairy free: Dairy free.  Packaging states they are suitable for vegans.

Description of product: Coconut ice cream sticks dipped in dark chocolate.  A delicious substitute for Magnum ice creams.

My review:

As I have already mentioned in my description, these ice creams are rather like a dairy-free Magnum.  All the previous ice creams of this style I have tried in the past have been rather small, which, considering the often high-price can be disappointing.  That is certainly not the case with these lactose-free lovelies as they are a full-sized version.

The dark chocolate on the outside is quite rich and tastes very high-quality.  If you are not used to the taste of dark chocolate, you may find it a little too rich.  But if you can give it a chance, it is definitely worth doing!  Inside is the delicious vanilla ice cream, made with coconut cream.  I was surprised to find that the filling didn’t have a strong coconut flavour at all but it was creamy and had a nice vanilla taste.  The two flavours go well together.

Even though it may be the wrong time of year for ice cream, you can’t go wrong with these lactose-free lovelies.

Rating: 5/5


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