Spotlight on…The Coconut Collaborative (DF, LF, V, GF)


I’ve decided to include this product in my ‘Spotlight on…’ series because it is the first dairy-free rice pudding that I have found on the market.

Purchased from: Morrisons

Lactose/dairy free: Dairy free.  Packaging states they are suitable for vegans.

Description of product: Dairy-free rice puddings made with coconut cream.

My review:

Sometimes the range of products on the market can be limited and you often find yourself eating the same thing everyday.  I was quite excited, therefore, to find a new lactose-free lovely to include in my diet.

This product is a Muller Rice style product and doesn’t have any heating instructions on the packaging.  For this reason, I have only tried it cold.  This is worth pointing out if you don’t particularly like cold puddings of this kind.  I would usually include myself in this category, but having tried it, I really enjoyed it.

The size of the pot is about the right size for one snack-sized portion.  This rice pudding has a very thick and creamy texture.  There is a definite coconut taste to it, but it also has a vanilla flavour and the two work well together.  In addition, there was quite a lot of rice within the dessert.

I think the best thing about The Coconut Collaborative products is the richness of them, and the quality of the ingredients.  They don’t seem to scrimp on things and the flavours really are something special.  There appears to be a lot of thought in what they create.  This dessert is no exception and feels like a real treat.

Although it does not taste exactly like a Muller rice, it is more than a good-enough substitute if you fancy something a bit different in your lunch box. I am pretty sure you could also add different flavours to it, for example, fruit if you wanted to mix it up a bit.

Rating: 4/5







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