Marks and Spencer Chocolate Box (DF, LF)

I discovered these a while ago and purchased some for a treat.  Luckily they are delicious and have made it onto my letter to Santa.

Purchased from: Marks and Spencer

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free

Description of product: A lovely selection of dairy free chocolates.

My review:

There is a huge gap in the market for dairy-free chocolates.  Yes, there are plenty out there, but not too many boxes where there is a selection of different chocolates.  This chocolate box is one product which helps to bridge that gap.

The box contains four different flavours of chocolates: orange truffles, sea salt caramel discs, blackcurrant truffles and raspberry discs. Each one tastes very different, which, again is another plus point.

The truffles have quite a creamy texture, and are definitely different in texture to the discs.  In addition, the flavours are delicious, and very distinctive.  I was a little unsure of whether I would enjoy the blackcurrant truffle and although it wasn’t my favourite, it was still tasty.  Orange chocolate is my favourite, so I was excited to find one included in this selection.

In contrast, the chocolate discs are more of a firm slab of chocolate.  It is nice to have different textures within the chocolates as well as a variety of flavours.  I was pleased to find salted caramel discs within the chocolate box, as it is a flavour you often miss out on if you are lactase challenged!  The flavour lived up to and beyond my expectations and these were quickly demolished.

I would heartily recommend these chocolates.  There are just a few things I would change: the amount of chocolates (there are never enough in my opinion!), and the length of time they are around for.  I have been told they are only on sale for Christmas – so if you want to try some, get down to Marks and Spencer before it’s too late!


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