Delicious gluten free waffles at Chai (DF, LF, GF)


I know, I know.  It’s January, the month of all things diet.  And whilst this waffle is most certainly not diet, it is yummy, gluten and dairy free, so you can’t really say no.

This lactose free lovely is from Chai, a new dessert-based restaurant that has opened up in Peterborough.  There are many of these popping up here, and in a few other cities I have visited.  However, there is, as always, a rather large gap in the market for places that cater for various dietary requirements.  News of Chai arrived to me via a friend on Facebook, so I had to go and check it out.

The décor is a lovely eclectic mix of furnishing, and features art from local artists.  It really feels like something different, and has lots of unique touches.  It also has friendly staff, who are knowledgeable about their products, which is important for us gluten and lactose free people.  Although there were quite a few customers when I visited, the staff took the time to explain the menu in full, along with the specials.

Onto the main event!  There is a large range of desserts available, and the toppings for the standard waffles were also available for the gluten free version, so that meant there was no separate menu, and no missing out, either.  As you will know, this is especially important when with a group of friends who do not have dietary requirements.  We have all been there, enviously looking at the dessert next to us, whilst we have our allotted ‘free-from’ pud.  In addition, the staff were able to recommend which toppings would be suitable for my dairy-free diet, and offered sorbets in a range of flavours to replace the ice cream you would normally get with the waffle.

The waffle was absolutely delicious.  I decided to have peanut butter, banana and maple syrup on mine, and it was accompanied with mango sorbet.  All the flavours complimented each other well and it tasted like a really luxurious dessert.  It was fantastic value for money, as you can see from the picture, you really do get a decent-sized portion. There was also no extra charge for having a gluten and dairy free dessert. You would not know this waffle was gluten free unless you had been told it was, as the taste was absolutely spot-on, as was the texture.

Chai also has a range of teas and coffees available, and the menu gives lots of information about each one to help you make your choice. Soya milk is available upon request.

So, for great value for money, a beautiful setting, great service and gorgeous waffles, this is the place to be!



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