In love with Hotel Chocolat! (DF, LF, V)


It was recently my Birthday and I was lucky enough to receive some dairy free goodies.  I have to admit, it had been a while since I had bought anything from Hotel Chocolat for myself, and it was nice to receive a selection of treats from there to try out.

I had forgotten about the range of dark chocolate that they have available, and have been back since to try a few more!

As well as being suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant folk, it is a real treat for those that just love a bit of dark chocolate!  Personally, it was the fact that I became lactose intolerant that caused me to first begin to enjoy dark chocolate as much as I do now.

Some of the dark chocolate I have recently had from Hotel Chocolat include:

  • Rare and vintage 85% dark
  • 90% dark (more about this in a post coming soon!)
  • Hazelnut 70%
  • Orange 70%
  • 70% dark

My recommendation for those just starting out with dark chocolate is to go for one of the 70% dark bars as these have a more mellow flavour.  However, if you are a seasoned dark chocolate eater, dive straight in at 90%!  The hazelnut and orange bars are delicious if you like a bit of variety in flavour rather than just having a plain chocolate bar.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Hotel Chocolat for a little try of their chocolate bars. With Valentines Day coming up, it would make the perfect give for the lactose-free lovely in your life.

Rating: 5/5



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