Easter special – Hotel Chocolat Chirp! (DF, LF, V)

In the first of my Easter special posts, I bring you a small gift idea from my new favourite – Hotel Chocolat.

Purchased from: Hotel Chocolat

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free and packaging states suitable for vegans

Description of product: Three bite-sized dark chocolate chicks in a neat little box

My review:

These chocolate chicks are made from a delicious and rich dark chocolate.  I would say that the dark chocolate used here is more for dark chocolate lovers as it has got quite a strong flavour to it, rather than it being too sugary or sweet like some can be. However, as they come in a small size, they could be good for someone who is newer to dark chocolate.

The chocolate is lovely and thick, and at £2.50 for three, I think they are quite good value for money with regards to the thickness, richness and general good quality you are getting.

Each chick is individually wrapped, so you can pop one in your bag or lunchbox to take for a treat.  The packaging is also not too excessive, like it can be with some Easter gifts.

For a small and relatively inexpensive Easter treat, I would recommend giving these a go!

Rating: 4/5



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