Easter special – Lindt Dark chocolate mini eggs (DF, LF)

Who doesn’t love a tasty mini egg at Easter?  Why not have a try of these lactose-free lovelies?


Purchased from: Asda

Dairy/lactose free: Although not officially labelled as such, if you have a read of the ingredients, there are no dairy containing ingredients that I can see.  However, if you are planning to buy some for the lactase-challenged friend in your life, I suggest you take a quick look yourself to be sure they meet your requirements.  The only thing making you sick at Easter should be the sheer volume of chocolate, not the ingredients!!

Description of product: A packet of 70% cocoa dark chocolate small eggs

My review:

I absolutely love these dark chocolates.  Unlike some others which are very rich, I would class these eggs as a more ‘accessible’ dark chocolate, as they still have quite a sweet flavour to them.  If you are familiar with the ‘Lindt’ brand, you will already know the kind of taste these eggs will have. It also allows you to enjoy Lindt chocolate without the dairy aspect, which is always a nice treat.

The chocolates are quite small, so you can have one or two as a treat and as they are individually wrapped they are great for on the go.  They are also good for sharing…if you want to!

The only downside to these chocolates, or the one thing that surprised me, is that they are hollow.  I was expecting perhaps a creamy fondant filling.  Having said that, it does not detract from the flavour or enjoyment of the delicious Lindt chocolate.

Rating: 4/5





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