Easter special – Tesco Finest Caramel Flavoured Egg with Fondant Truffles (DF, LF, GF, V)


Purchased from: Tesco

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free and packaging states suitable for vegans

Description of product: The egg is perfectly described in the title – a tasty caramel egg with caramel chocolates

My review:

This egg is made from a dairy-free milk chocolate substitute.  Therefore, it has a different flavour to it than the dark chocolate eggs I have recently reviewed.

As a milk chocolate substitute, it is pretty good and has quite a creamy flavour.  I also enjoyed the caramel taste, which also has a good flavour to it, and tastes quite close to a dairy equivalent.

It comes with three chocolates, and these are also a caramel flavour – this time with more of a fondant filling.  I suppose these are like chocolates you might get in a box of chocolates and are the closest thing to a dairy-free Rolo I have found.  If you have ever had ‘Choices’ caramels these taste exactly the same to me, so I’m not sure if they are made by the same people or just very similar.

I also like the fact this is more of a traditional Easter egg, with an egg and sweets like many of it’s dairy-based counterparts.  It’s not a bad sized egg either, but due to the delicious taste, I don’t think it’ll be around too long!

Rating: 5/5


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