Caramel rice squares (DF, LF, GF) 

In a break from my Easter egg tasting mission, I have come across this lactose free lovely.

Purchased from: Asda

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free

Description of product: A gluten and dairy free version of a millionaire’s shortbread, but made with a crisped rice style base. 

My Review:

If you are anything like me, it’s the occasions when you want a bit of a treat, or something a little different that you really miss just being able to help yourself to whatever you like. Although ranges are improving all the time, the options can still be limited. In addition I am always looking for something I can take to share with non-lactase challenged friends. 

When I came across this product, I was looking for something a bit special to take to a friend’s house for a coffee. I was surprised to see that these caramel squares are dairy as well as gluten free, as often the addition of caramel means that it contains dairy. 

The squares are a good size. They are quite rich so one at a time is probably enough. The base is made from a crisped rice style cereal, and it is good with dairy free caramel and chocolate layers, giving it a good mixture of textures. 

The combination of flavours is also a classically good one. I would say that the chocolate is a slightly darker one, but it’s not bitter at all. The caramel does not have a strong flavour, but it does taste very close to the real thing. There is a good ratio of chocolate, caramel and crispes. 

This does have the feel of a more special treat, and is great if you fancy something a bit different. 

Rating: 4/5


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