Easter special – Moo Free Bunnycomb Easter Egg. (DF, LF, GF, V)


If you are bored of just eating plain chocolate, whether this be dark or milk substitute, this egg is the one for you.

Purchased from: Holland and Barratt

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free and packaging states suitable for vegans

Description of product: Milk chocolate substitute egg, studded with honeycomb pieces, with a packet of dairy free buttons included.

My review:

There are more and more dairy free products on the market, particularly chocolate ones.  However, most of these are quite plain in nature, and sometimes you may want a variation on this.

Having come late to lactose intolerance, and being a self-confessed chocaholic, I miss different styles of chocolate bar, for example, Crunchie, Mars bars, and Kit-Kat.  This is where Moo Free come in quite nicely.

Moo Free create a range of different flavoured chocolate bars, including honeycomb, orange and mint.  I have enjoyed their chocolate bars on many occasions when I’ve needed a chocolate fix.

This Easter egg is the same as the honeycomb chocolate bar that they sell.  The egg is not huge, but it is good quality.  The addition of the honeycomb pieces that are studded throughout the egg create a crunchy texture and a delicious taste.  As a milk chocolate substitute, it is quite sweet and the honeycomb adds to this.

I like the way that the egg includes a packet of chocolate buttons.  This could make it a really nice gift for a child (or a big kid!) as it provides a similar package to most of it’s dairy counterparts with the sweets and egg combination.  I would definitely not feel left out if I received this egg as a child.

Moo Free eggs also come in orange chocolate (another favourite) and plain, so there is plenty of choice.

If you fancy a different feel to your Easter egg this year, then dig in!

Rating: 5/5


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