Tesco Low Fat Apricot Yoghurt – Lactose free (LF)


Before I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and therefore began avoiding dairy, I wasn’t too bothered about buying yoghurts.  I really could take or leave them, unless they were a fancy creation.  However, I realised that as someone who doesn’t eat dairy, I needed to make sure my calcium intake was up to scratch.  I have never enjoyed milk, and as such would never drink a glass of it, or include it in anything where I could still taste it.  For this reason, I began to include yoghurt into my diet to help with my calcium intake.  Most soya ones have calcium added to them, and any that are lactose free yet made with cow’s milk contain as much as they usually would.

This yoghurt was a great find at Tesco.  There seems to be a lack in the variety of flavours that lactose and dairy free yoghurts come in, and I often get bored with the selections available.  I just had to try this apricot one.

The yoghurt was very thick and creamy in texture, and had a decent amount of apricot pieces.  It had a pleasant taste – not too sweet or sour, with a subtle amount of fruitiness. As with other lactose free products, you may find it quite rich to begin with, but it really is worth giving it a go.

Tesco own brand lactose free yoghurts also come in a few different flavours, including raspberry, strawberry and cherry.

Rating: 5/5


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