Valsoia soya ice cream (DF, LF, GF)

With the weather warming up, I have found a delicious new ice cream to enjoy.

Purchased from: Ocado

Dairy/lactose free: Dairy free

Description of product: A tub of dairy free vanilla and chocolate ice cream

My review:

The texture of this ice cream is fantastic.  It is light, airy and easy to scoop from the tub.  It isn’t hard at all.  The chocolate ice cream has little pieces of chocolate studded into it.

I like the fact that you get two different flavours of ice cream in the tub.  This means you don’t have to choose between buying one flavour over another.  You also get to combine the flavours if you wish to create a dessert, or just have two flavours of ice cream in a cone!  When dairy free can equal expensive, its nice to be able to get two flavours for the price of one.

I usually don’t enjoy chocolate dairy free ice cream, as I don’t find the flavour that nice.  I was pleasantly surprised to try this one.  It has a very rich chocolate taste and I particularly enjoyed the little pieces of chocolate embedded in it.  There was a nice creamy flavour to it, and tastes very similar to a dairy chocolate ice cream.  The vanilla ice cream tends to be my favourite dairy free flavour.  This one is also delicious.  It has a nice creamy taste to it and quite a subtle vanilla flavour.  The two go really well together and complement one another nicely.

Rating: 5/5





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